Welcome to the Surrey Downs Diabetes UK Group Group

Who are we? What is our aim?

Well the aim of the group is to help people with Diabetes in the Surrey Downs area (and beyond). We hope to do this by holding meetings and get-together’s that will provide information AND a place to meet and talk to other people with diabetes. We will be doing fund raising in order to support our local work.  

We work alongside Diabetes UK and as such share their goals and objectives, although our focus is on the local area as well as their national campaigns. Everyone is welcome at our meetings regardless of their membership of Diabetes UK, everyone is welcome to join the organising committee and develop ideas.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and opinions even if you don’t want to attend meetings or get involved in running the group. We ARE interested in what everyone has to say and will do our best to provide a group that does what local people with diabetes want.