Welcome to the Surrey Downs Diabetes UK Group

Our Aim

To help people living in the Surrey Downs area who have Diabetes and those at high risk of developing the condition.

We organise events to provide information and to enable people with diabetes to meet and talk to others. While face to face contact has been limited since COVID, we wish to engage again at community events when all COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Our fund raising is used to support our local work in the community and in 2019/2020 we donated to a university research project into Type 1 diabetes funded by Diabetes UK.

We work alongside Diabetes UK and as such share their goals and objectives. In 2019 we used Diabetes UK's "Know Your Risk" (of developing Type 2 diabetes) as a platform to engage with the public through a number of events in our community (see "campaigning" pages). We then developed a diabetes walking programme under the Mole Valley District Council's "Walking for Health" initiative. More generally we welcome contact from employers and community organisations who are willing to provide venues and audiences for us to interact with.

Clearly, the national COVID-19 restrictions has affected the way in which we operate within the community, but as a group we are using video conferencing and audio comms in order to maintain contact and "outreach". Please use the contact information provided on this website if you would like to speak to one of our volunteers about any aspect of your diabetes, we are here to help.

Regardless of the format, everyone is welcome at our events even if you are not members of Diabetes UK.

We are currently looking for people to join the Surrey Downs Diabetes UK Group Committee.  If you feel you have specific talents, organisational skills, enthusiasim or time to spare to help the committee fulful its aims then please make contact.